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Site daily backups and Site Security give protection against viruses, hackers and even your own code accidentally breaking your site with automatic CodeGuard site daily backups and Site Security malware scanner.

Every 0.65 seconds, a new web page is infected with Malware, Site Backups & malware Scanner Takes care.

Site daily backups Host Experts Partners Protect your site from data loss and corruption, as well as against threats from viruses, hackers and malware with Daily Automated Site Backups from CodeGuard and malware scanner SiteLock.

With Site daily backups CodeGuard, your website is backed up daily and if disaster strikes, you can restore your site to a previous point in time at the click of a button.

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Site daily backups options

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Automatic Daily Backups

Site Backups time machine

Website Time  Machine

Site Backups WordPress plugin

WordPress Plugin Updates

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File Change Alert Monitoring

Site Backups Malware protection

Malware Detection and Restore

Choose Your site daily backups Storage

5GB Storage

$4.99 USD Monthly

Site Backups

Site Daily backups

50GB Storage

$20.95 USD Monthly

malware scanner

Site Daily backups

10GB Storage

$9.99 USD Monthly

Site daily backups

Site Daily backups

100GB Storage

$34.91 USD Monthly

Backups and Security

Site Daily backups

25GB Storage

$13.97 USD Monthly

Site Security

Site Daily backups

200GB Storage

$55.86 USD Monthly

Backups and Security

Site Daily backups

Maximum Value of the site daily backups Benefits.

Site daily backups

Daily Automatic Website Backups

Secure your website with automated daily backups stored offsite with built-in redundancy.

Site Backups

Malware Monitoring

Rest easy knowing CodeGuard is diligently checking your site for changes every day.

Site daily backups

Staging of Restores

Quickly test any backed up site with simple and automated staging prior to restoring.

Site Backups

Unlimited Files & Databases

Backup an unlimited number of files and databases – you are restricted only by the storage space you use.

Site daily backups

Email Backup

Get protection for your emails too as they are backed up as part of your website’s files.

Site Backups

Automatic WordPress Updates

Automatically update WordPress and its plugins to keep it secure with auto-recovery in case of problems.

Site daily backups

One-Click Restores

A simple restore process makes it easy to rollback a single file or your entire website to a previous version.

Site Backups

File Change Monitoring

Get notified by email anytime something changes within the source code of your site.

Site daily backups

Full Automation

Completely hands-free setup and ongoing backups with automated notifications if things go wrong.

Site Security

Host Experts site security & malware scanner protect your website

Automatically scan your website for malware and protect online reputation

Host Experts SiteLock™, the global leader in site security, protects your website to give you peace of mind.

Host Experts SiteLock’s Daily malware scanner identifies vulnerabilities and known malicious code and automatically removes it from your website to protect your website and visitors against threats.

Plus you get the SiteLock Trust Seal which builds customer confidence and is proven to increase sales and conversion rates.

malware scanner

Compare Site Security Plans

Professional malware scanner features for your website

Host Experts Site Security Features

Malware scanner provides a range of features designed to protect both your website and your business’ reputation:


Malware scanner

Proactively monitors for and alerts you about any malware that is detected on your website.


Vulnerability Scan

Automatically checks your applications to ensure they’re up-to-date and secured against known vulnerabilities.


Protect your reputation

Daily scans help detect malware early before search engines have a chance to find it and blacklist your site.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Speed up your website by distributing it globally and serving it to your visitors from the closest location for faster page load speeds wherever they are.


Automatic malware removal

If a scan finds anything, SiteLock will safely remove any known malware automatically.

OWASP Protection

Get protection against the top 10 web app security flaws as recognised by OWASP, the Open Web Application Security Project.


The TrueShield™ Web Application Firewall protects your website against hackers and attacks.

Fast automated setup

Instant and fully automated setup gives you protection immediately without anything to install.

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